Author: Florence Cadier

Ages: 13+

96 pages

Talents Hauts

A Gloriless Day

  • A gripping psychological thriller, with a final twist reminding of The Sixth Sense.

    Paul is fourteen years old. During the Christmas break, after a family lunch at his grandparents', his father decides to hit the road again in spite of the snow and ice. On the way, a truck hits the family car and Paul's mother is killed instantly. Convinced that his father is responsible for the accident, Paul promises Benjamin, his little brother, to avenge their mother.

    A few days later, his father and brother decide to scatter the deceased's ashes in the mountains. Paul leaves first and waits up in the snowy mountain to settle his accounts with his father. After several hours waiting, Paul finally sees his father and little brother, each of them holding an urn in his hands. Not one, two urns. Paul realizes that he, too, died that day.

    A suspenseful novel with an embodied narrator who oscillates between the desire for revenge and forgiveness.