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author/illustrator: Laura Wittner, Sebastian Ilabaca

ages: 3+

36 pages 

20 x 23 cm




A Story with Foxes

  • A very tender family story, about finding your own way to live an adventure.


    A father and his two kids go on a hike on Fox Mountain. Contrary to his energetic dad and his adventurous little sister, the son is more of a lazy daydreamer... Will he miss the encounter with the fox his father said they would find on the mountain top?

    Between paths, forests, streams and mica stones, nature offers memories of all kinds.





    Laura Wittner was born in 1967, in Buenos Aires. A graduate in literature from the University of Buenos Aires, she coordinates poetry and translation workshops and works as a translator for various publishing houses.

    Her previous picture book at Lecturita, Justo antes de dormir / Just Before Bedtime, was translated into German, Italian, Korean and is a 2022 Fundacion Cuatro Gatos finalist.


    Sebastian Ilabaca is a self-taught illustrator and paper engineer. He was born in Santiago de Chile in 1988, and grew up with the company of Asterix, Tintin, Ogú and Mampato, who brought him an early and absolute fascination for drawing. He studied Filmmaking at the University of Chile, then did the illustrations and paper engineering for Mientras un lobo le canta a la luna which became the first popup book created in Chile. Since then he has mainly dedicated himself to illustrating books for children, in which he likes to try and mix new techniques and experiment with narration and images. He also illustrates for magazines, runs workshops, paints, sculpts, plays music and garden.

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