author: Lucile de Pesloüan

ages: 13+

96 pages



A Year Forever

  • A teen is writing to her future self.


    Malou is 14 years old, and in order to not forget this special period of her life, she decides to create a spatio-temporal capsule. All year long, she writes, in a kind of diary, her feelings, her angers, her joys, her first loves, her feminist awakening, her to-do lists and her dreams. At the end of Summer, the young girl buries her capsule for the next fifteen years, in which there are the story of her last year in junior high, her favorite books, a poem by Sylvia Plath, pictures of her friends… everything that represents what she was that year.


    "At the back of granny’s garden 

    you will find 

    a blue box 

    my spatio-temporal capsule 

    my year’s backup

    my last year of junior high

    the year of my two loves

    the year of feminism 

    the year of Oscar’s death

    a year forever"