author: Yann Fastier

ages: 13+

208 pages


Talents Hauts

Alecto, The Immortal's Egg

  • Paris, early 20th century. While strange crimes worry the capital, Sidonie Jolibois, a young novelist, finds on her doorstep a certain Sasha Alexandrovna Vlasenko, who claims to be her guardian and imposes herself on her quiet life.


    Sidonie soon suspects that Sasha is the murderer who spreads terror by transforming herself into a raven before killing her victims. Sasha reveals to her that she is in fact in pursuit of Voron, the demonic creature, whom she accidentally freed by returning the egg that contains her death... The two girls will join forces to stop him from doing any harm.


    A new breathkaking novel by the author of bestselling adventure novel The Fox and the Crown.