author: Yves-Marie Clément

ages: 13+ 

128 pages

Angelina & June

  • A poetic fable in which love and courage prevail over superstitions.

    June grew up on Gull Island, raised by her grandmother, Ma.
    The young girl never feels better than alone on the beach or in wilderness areas. One evening, as she lights a fire on the beach, a rowboat breaks up on the nearby rocks. In the midst of the foam, a young woman appears. June helps Angelina to hide: on Gull island, strangers are not welcome. As days go by, love grows between the two young girls who decide to confront the locals.
    They decide to throw Angelina back into the sea on a rowboat. Ma then understands that it's time for June to hear the true story of her parents, who were also victims of the superstitions and of the islanders' intolerance. June frees herself from the binds that held her back on the island and sets sail to find Angelina.

    • A dreamlike atmosphere
    • Two beautiful portraits of independent, fierce and free young women.
    • Like a fable, this text tackles strong and timeless subjects: the rejection of strangers, the love between two women, the place of women in society...