author/illustrator: Zélia Abadie/Gwenaëlle Doumont

ages: 7+

80 pages

16 x 20 cm


Awa series

  • A new endearing heroine who speaks true about light and serious topics, making us laugh and think!


    Awa is seven years old. She lives in Belgium with Maia, her older sister, her parents, her mother Fatou, who was born in Guinea, and Tonio, originally from Italy. She feels Belgian, Guinean, Italian… and lefthanded. She has a lot of friends, some “no friends”, she is good at school and raises a lot of questions.


    She is curious, funny, stubborn and is ready to share her daily life with her readers…


    Awa First Volume: We Need to Change the World

    Awa 2: Shades of love


    "Funny, smart and mischievous, Awa could be one of your friends at school. This comic book tells her daily life, mixing deep thoughts and tender moments." - Je lis déjà


    "A book filled with humour and love of life, that also encourages open-mindedness and tolerance. (…) a promising series" - Institut international Charles Perrault


    "Along the same lines as Pippi Longstockings or Mortelle Adèle, there are nowadays numermous female characters who are not faint-hearted and don't care about the mud on their sneakers. Among them, Awa carries off the laurels! A 7-year old black girl thwarting all usual stereotypes." - Revue NVL –  Masculin-Féminin-Autres, Discriminations