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author/illustrator: Lisa Laubreaux

ages: 6+

92 pages

20 x 30 cm

hardback with punch die-cut on the cover

Maison Georges

Crazy Golf - A bouncy interactive story

  • It's the end of the day at the Blue Waves minigolf. All golf balls have completed the course and arrived at the castle. All of them? Nope! There is one left on the starting line, and she dreams of life in a castle. This ball is you, on each spread you can choose what happens next.

    Will you outdo yourself, jump into the void and take the plunge? Will you confront wild beasts? Make mistakes, keep your goal in mind, or abandon it? Minigolf is also a philosophical quest during which you can find love or establish yourself... within a community of hippie balls.

    Lisa Laubreaux has fun diverting the classic codes of game books, in which you can decide to be brave, strong and she suggest other challenges, far from traditional injunctions.

    A wildly original book (who has never dreamt of embodying a golf ball?), optimistic and joyful, which humorously evokes the bouncy
    human condition, its quests, pitfalls, and detours, and which takes an amused look at our dreams and our ambitions.


    By the same author/illustrator: Oh! My Boat


    Shortlisted for the 2024 Angoulême FIBD award



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