author: Cathy Ytak

ages: 14+

256 pages

14.8 x 21 cm


Talents Hauts

Crossed by a Line of Charcoal

  • 1992. Mary, Monelle, Julien and Samy study visual arts and learn how to draw from livemodels. The model, Joos, is free and handsome. They all become friends… and more: Monelle and Julien share their first kiss, Samy and Joos fall in love with eachother. When Mary, the fifth member of the group, learns from Samy that Joos is HIV positive, she cannot stand by and enrolls with Act Up.



    « It is an understatement to say that this novel, that makes us think of Robin Campillo's movie - Beats Per Minute - is  very good. A highly sensitive style, in search of light, always."


    "Never cheesy nor moralizing, Crossed by a Line of Charcoal tells a story that is tough, tragic but also full of life and love. It is a brilliant achievement".


    20 minutes

    "One thought in particular is unbearable for Cathy Ytak "Have we fought for nothing?" Believe us, this beautiful novel is a powerful antidote."


    Shortlisted for two awards: T’aimes lire 2019 - Prix Tatoulu 2019