author/illustrator: Mr Tan / Caroline Hüe

ages: 7+

40 pages

19.5 x 26 cm


Talents Hauts



BY THE AUTHOR of bestselling series

MORTELLE ADELE (Tourbillon): more than 2.5

million copies sold.

Cruel Little Girls

  • The offbeat portraits of fifteen little girls, as terribly cruel as they seem wise with their braids and pleated skirts. A caustic rebuff to the cliché of the wise little girl by Mr Tan, the author of Mortelle Adèle.

    "Who said little girls are all angels? Curls and rosy cheeks are not always a guarantee of kindness and obedience ... The caustic Mr Tan demonstrates this through fifteen poems of tasty cruelty, humorously illustrated by Caroline Hüe. Behind the misleading smiles of Ursula, Adélie or Philomène hides a mistreated little brother or a disfigured goldfish.

    Scenes with fantasized machiavellianism, which will be as many outlets for the terrible children hiding in all of us, girls or boys!

    - A tasty, fantasized and exhilarating cruelty

    - A mastered caustic and vintage rhymed text

    - Caroline Hüe's offbeat illustrations

    - A gothic-modern setting that will seduce 7-11 year-olds