author/illustrator: Sophie Dieuaide/Marie-Pierre Oddoux

ages: 8+

128 pages


Talents Hauts

4 volumes available

Esther and Mandragore series

  • A humourous bestselling series of vivid and smart easy reads- 10,000 copies of the first volume sold in France!

    Meet the ingenious witch and her whinging cat: an explosive duo!

    A WITCH AND HER CAT (volume 1)

    Esther is a first-year student at the Witches’ school and she doesn’t get great grades. But what a surprise, she has received the First Prize for Curiosity ! She receivesa pass for the Other World, that of the humans. Mandragore, her cat who only ever thinks of taking a nap, will most certainly be happy! Plus, they’ll have to help Zoe find her cat. Although she is not allowed to use magic there, A few magic tricks will be needed along the way! It’s a fun way to discover our world, as seen by the eyes of a witch who lives in a world ruled by women.

    OF LOVE AND MAGIC (volume 2).

    Esther and her cat Mandragore are still on Earth for some spirited adventures! Henceforth allowed to communicate with her witch friends, poor Esther is bombarded by questions, all focused on one crucial subject: love! How does a love story happen on Earth? The young witch sets off on an investigation with a lot of surprises in store…




    TEN LITTLE WITCHES (volume 5)

    Students from the Witches’ School have landed on Earth! Accompanied by Lady Cyrielle, they are visiting Esther as part of a school trip to discover the Other World. Their mission: to learn everything about humans. Their adventures will not be easy for Esther and her cat, who will have to improvise as tour guides. Will they manage to avoid using magic?


    Rights sold: Spanish (Latin America), Ukrainian.