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author/illustrator: Gilles Baum/Amandine Piu

ages: 3+

24 pages

18 x 26 cm
Leporello board book closing with a magnet, flaps to lift and die-cuts


Rights sold: Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, German, Complex Chinese, Danish

Fear Street

  • A fun leporello book about fears and tolerance.


    In Fear Street, if you open the houses doors, you can find a Cerberus, a Cyclops, a Minotaur, a Yeti... A little girl, a little bit afraid, has to walk along those houses to go to her grandpa's.


    She learns that in each monster there's a sensitive soul and that she should not judge a book by its cover!

 , February 2022:

    "The cleverness in this book is that it completely turns over the point of view (when you actually turn over the book, to read it again, unfolded, on the other side). (...) We are afraid of the unknown. This book is a vigorous allegory of that fact."


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