author/illustrator: Benoît Broyard / Félix Rousseau(The Turtle) - Suzy Vergez (The Bee) - Evelyne Mary (The Wolf) - Marta Orzel (The Polar Bear) - Margaux Grappe (The Bat)

ages: 4+

32 pages

21 x 27.5 cm


Sold: Spanish, Catalan, Simplified Chinese

Follow My Path - series

  • An entertaining non-fiction series to discover amazing endangered species, with plenty of facts to learn and beautiful illustrations.

    The Turtle
    On a path that winds from one page to the next, children can choose what they will read next by deciding which turtle they want to follow. Each time they will open their book again, they will have a new reading experience!Hatching of the eggs, plastic pollution, migrations… plenty of interesting and complex facts are simply and entertainingly explained. Scientific proofreading by Jérôme Bourjea, from the French National Institute for Ocean Science (IFREMER)

    Also available in this series: The Wolf, The Bee, The Polar Bear, The Bat