author/illustrator: Jean-Pierre Raveneau/Laure du Faÿ

ages: 5+

44 pages

21 x 29,7 cm


rights sold: Complex Chinese


Funny Birds

  • This picture book approaches difference in a humorous way. The animal society is the first to try to stamp it out. Finally, the particularities of each will be recognised, valued and made available to the community.

    Monsieur and Madame Tourterelle are anxiously awaiting the birth of their chicks. What a surprise when they see a little gorilla, a giraffe and a baby dragon hatch out of their eggs! Oh well, never mind! All the birds in the forest donate a feather to turn them into real birds. After a series of unsuccessful attempts, the three little ones rebel. Soon the nest becomes too small, winter arrives and the turtledove parents will have to fly South. What will become of their offspring?