author/illustrator: Sylvie Misslin/Sébastien Pelon

ages: 3+

48 pages

23 x 23 cm

hardcover, with die-cuts


Hidden in the Tropical Forest

  • The series Hidden Nature gives a realistic approach to landscapes : to see animals around you, you have to search, to be patient, to look closer... Thanks to die-cut pages and successions of zoomed images, the child is invited to lif the bark of a tree stump, to part grass or leaves, to lift a stone etc. in order to discover animals hidden behind the die-cut pages.

    In this fourth title, Hidden in the Tropical Rainforest, let’s discover behind cut-out elements, hidden in the lush vegetation of the tropical forest, a toco toucan, leaf-cutting ants, a caiman, a tapir… and learn all about these animals and plants.


    Hidden in the Forest

    Hidden in the Prairie

    Hidden in the Pond

    Hidden in the Tropical Forest

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