author/illustrator: Claire Garralon

ages: 1+

16 pages

17 x 17 cm

board book 

Talents Hauts

Kabum! series - The Cat

  • Bringing Stereotypes Down!

    The unmissable themes of toddlers books - toys, animals, imagination, music... - with a nonstereotyped representation of families and of the world.

    Toddlers' books are not exempt from stereotypes: most women are mothers and most men are either absent or superheroes. Illustrations are far from being neutral: colours, symbols, roles are gender oriented. Conveying a non-stereotyped representation of the world to the youngest is the mission of this new board book series.

    - Cat!
    by Claire Garralon
    A story for toddlers about consent and respect.
    The cat is on the couch. The child would like to catch him,
    to caress him, to pull his fur. But a cat is not a toy and
    the child gets to understand that the sole proof of love is
    respecting the other's will.


    Also coming soon in this series:

    - My Doll
    by Annelise Heurtier, ill. by Maurèen Poignonec
    A child plays with his doll, he walks her around in the stroller, hugs her, worries about her needs. An old lady interrupts him: "Are you playing mommy?". "No I"m playing daddy" - he replies


    - Rock N' Roll (Julien Castanié)


    - Animals (Fred. L)

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