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author/illustrator: Niki Orfanou, Yvan Duque

ages: 3+

48 pages

23 x 27cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: French

Little Ivan

  • The courageous journey of an old couple who always wanted a child, and the small boy who emerges from a granted wish.


    Russian fairy tales are composed in an imaginative style that stays true to the oral tradition. There are several variants of the story of Little Ivan and his encounter with Baba-Yaga — this free adaptation is the work of writer Niki Orfanou.


    It is one of four Russian stories she worked on or the exhibition Once Upon a Time in Russia, held in St. Petersburg in 2016. In one of the versions of the tale, the witch, Baba-Yaga, eats her own daughters rather than her raven.

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