author/illustrator: Marie Lenne-Fouquet / Pauline Duhamel

ages: 7+

48 pages


Talents Hauts


  • The best remedy against bullying at school is learning to know one another.

    Shaïma and Lilian are appointed by the school teacher to bring homeworks to Mélie, who has chicken pox. Mélie… well they don’t hate her but she’s a little strange and doesn’t have many friends at school. On the first day, they reluctantly walk to Melie’s. But day after days, Mélie proves to be much more sympathetic than they thought. What if this was the opportunity to get to know each other?


    An new title in successful "Livres et égaux" series by Talents Hauts for autonomous readers.

    Previous title in the same series by the same authors, "The Great Spash" (Le Grand Bain) was shortlisted for the renowned Prix des Incorruptibles 2020-2021 and has sold 7,000 copies to date (January 2022).