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author/illustrator: Rémi Courgeon

ages: 7+

40 pages

21 x 27.5 cm


Sold: Polish

My Herbarium of People

  • Between fiction and reality, an unusual and poetic picture book about a communal garden and its occupants.

    « To make a herbarium, you have to collect plants, to dry them carefully between two blotters, to stick them on the pages of a large notebook, to write their scientific names and all their characteristics. What interests me more than plants are all the gardeners who grow them. It’s a good thing, because there are plenty of people who take care of their gardens, each in their own way, just down the road from me. So I decided to meet them and learn more about their daily lives. »


    In these mischievous portraits, inspired by real people, Rémi Courgeon pays a delicate tribute to communal gardens and their occupants.

    Meet colourful characters: Granny Fatima, Smart Girl, Dr Compost, The Engineer or Demonia…. and at the same time learn a lot about gardening: What are perennial plants, compost etc.? Are plants sensitive to music? How do grafting or taking cuttings work? Learn some useful techniques to avoid chemicals and grow into a curious and happy gardener.

    A unique and poetic album, in which fiction and information meet.



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