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author/illustrator: Laure Monloubou

ages: 8+

140 pages

black and white illustrations throughout

Rights sold: German, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Turkish, Korean

English translation available


Olga and the Call of the Forest

  • Olga is eight years old, hard of hearing and full of resources that will prove indispensable in this gripping story filled with fantasy! Strange woods, an elf, a pityless witch are the main ingredients of this whimsical and suspenseful novel.


    Olga is hard of hearing and her parents, Fedora and Bernard are quite an original couple. She is eight years old and has already moved six times. The latest move has brought the small family to a lopsided house, flanked by numerous turrets.

    While Olga undertakes to rip the wallpaper off in her new room, she discovers a very small door that has been locked up. Olga finally manages to open it and discovers a tiny elf.

    When Olga’s parents, who have been on a walk in the woods, disappear, Olga, her cat called « Monsieur », Mirette, her doll, and the elf  creep to the forest. As they walk deeper in the woods, the temperature goes down and a high-pitched cry grows louder, bothering the elf and Monsieur who are suddenly petrified, just like Fedora and Bernard. Olga also feels more and more numbed by the cold, but the resourceful little girl will bring her parents and friends back to life again.

    Once home, Olga’s parents discover the story of Pilord, the elf, walled in by a terrible witch. After an accident she had in the wood, her cry hasn’t stopped echoing and freezes all lives. All together, they set up a plan to put an end to this spell.


    "A very original modern tale that, without explicitly mentioning the deafness of the protagonist, makes the reader feel with intensity the emotions and changes of the little girl." - Libri per bambini eragazzi, Italy

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