author/illustrator: Monsieur Dupont

ages: 3+

32 pages

21 x 20 cm


Princess Grilda Wants a Toad!

  • Princess Grilda is searching for a friend. A FRIEND, not a husband!


    Grilda is bored. One bright morning, she leaves the castle, and, next to a pond, she gets on with a nice toad. No luck: when she friendly gives him a kiss, the toad turns into a charming prince. Grilda was not expecting that at all. She wanted a friend, not a husband!


    She comes back to the pond and every toad also turns into a charming prince. Until the last one, which, even with a kiss, stays a toad. Phew, she has finally found a friend, and can put all the princes back into the water!


    Published with the support of Amnesty International France