author/illustrator: Agnès Laroche/Fabienne Brunner

ages: 4+

24 pages

23 x 19 cm


Talents Hauts


Some Day My Prince Will Come

  • Why do princesses' kisses have no effect on Philemon, the toad? A fun picture book aboutthe discovery of love.

    Under his rock, Philemon worries: when a princess kisses him, nothing happens. His parents had promised though: “When you're
    a big boy, you’ll turn into a prince charming, sweet heart, thanks to a magic kiss”.
    One day, Prince Arthur passes by Philemon’s pond, longing to get married.
    And then, as he kisses the toad, magic operates and Philemon turns into a prince!


    "This picture book frees itself from the heteronormative stereotypes in fairy tales" - Biblioteca

    "This book deals with the topic of homosexuality through a love story and not as a fight" - Question de classe