author/illustrator: Christophe Bataillon

ages: 6+

48 pages

24 x 32 cm



The Batallion Family in pursuit of Kronk

  • The Batallion Family are experts in fighting. 
    While his brother and sister were running a little experiment, Grumpfi,  the youngest, was sent away in the airs, and kidnapped by Kronk, the evil lord of the Centaur galaxy.
    Through the zany and intricate scenes, the readers have to look for the members of the family and evil Kronk in his vessel. An original and fun book, half-way between a traditional look and find book and a comics.

    Already published in the same series: Look and Find the Batallion Family (Cherche et trouve la Famille Bataillon).

    Rights sold: Korean, Italian


    "A picture book full of tenderness, both moving and funny, about the relationship between different generations and the importance of following your dreams, at any age. And a perfect story for all those who are in love with cycling!" - Giulia Genovesi, Terre di Mezzo, Italy

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