author/illustrator: Marie Lenne-Fouquet/Pauline Duhamel

ages: 7+

64 pages


Talents Hauts

The Big Splash

  • Today’s the first time Nino’s class goes to the swimming pool. Alix and Paulin are thrilled: they’re very good swimmers. As for Nino… He is terrified of water, but because he doesn’t want the others to laugh at him, he lies about being a master swimmer. Soon enough, he’ll realize that he’s not the only one in his class to be ashamed of something. Will he admit his fear to his classmates? 


    "A very realistic atmosphere and hilarious situation comedy, that can echo with everybody. An a lovely philosophy of life: 'Everyone overflows in some way', true courage is to accept yourself as you are, with lucidity".  - La revue des livres pour enfants