author: Nicolas Michel

ages: 8+

128 pages

14 x 21 cm


Talents Hauts


Flopsy - series

  • Flopsy is a little pink-nosed black and white bunny. His only goal is to get rid of Tom the dog. It should be easy: who would even imagine that the naughty one is this adorable white furry thing? A hilarious read.

    4 volumes available:

    - Flopsy

    - Massacre in the vegetable garden

    - Flopsy for President!

    - Flopsy is in Love: Even the meanest can’t resist the call from love. When terrible Flopsy meets Bri-Bri, his heart leaps and our usually over confident rabbit barely manages to articulate her name….

    "Here's a new volume that you can devour and that makes you want one thing: to read his next adventures!" Ricochet


    "This story makes love and humour go together well." - Version Femina