author/illustrator: Elisabeth Brami/Estelle Billon-Spagnol

ages: 5+

32 pages

15 x 21 cm


rights sold in 13 languages

30,000 copies sold across the series in France

The Declaration of the Rights of Boys and Girls

  • A funny, quirkily illustrated and heartwarming list of the rights of boys/girls/mums/dads. A book for those who believe in gender equality, self-expression and the right to be who we are.

    Girls, just like boys, have the right to be scruffy, untidy, hyper, to do any job they like, not to be princesses, to love whoever they like.

    Boys have as much right as girls to cry, to play with dolls, to wear pink, to like reading, not to be superheroes, to fall in love with anyone they like.