author: Elsa Devernois

ages: 13+

64 pages



The Diving Board

  • Short stories about consent, elegantly linked by a common thread: water.

    The Diving Board: At the swimming pool two young girls are taken, against their will, on top of the diving board by two boys. First flattered, then worried and scared, one of them manages to say no and doesn't jump.

    Jumping in the River: Two boys, 12 and 17 go to the river. The elder throws the 12 year-old to the water to make him a "real man".

    Love on the Beach: Under the look of a mother, a young couple plays on the beach. The boy has trouble understanding why her girlfriend gets angry when he takes her to the waves although she doesn't feel like it.


    «A vertiginous hump into the machinery of domination. (...) MUn saut vertigineux dans les rouages de la domination. (...) Male oppression, consent, injunction for virility... Elsa Devernois offers three short stories written with liveliness and relevance." - Telerama



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