author/illustrator: Theo Tsecouras/Michael Towers

With the care of Anthia Navridi Clinical Psychologist - Psychotherapist

ages: 5+

46 pages

30.7 x 24.6 cm


Winner of the Public Stores Book Award 2018 (Greek edition)

Rights sold: English -UK-, Greek, Polish, French

The Extraordinary Book of Silly Superpowers

  • Meet the children with the silliest superpowers in this book! Read the adventures of these 18 incredible superheroes including: The girl who can fly only four inches from the ground, The boy who can hypnotise goldfish, The girl who knows the names of all squirrels, The boy who can read the palm of your hand like a book, The girl who knows what pineapples think. By meeting all these unexpected superheroes, children learn that each person has a unique superpower, no matter how insignificant or useless it might seem at first. Your superpower makes you special. So, before we judge someone who seems different to us, it’s good to consider that what might seem strange or peculiar might just be their own unique superpower. And having a superpower is, well… super! A hilarious, original and not-that-absurd book