author: Fabrice Colin

ages: 12+

224 pages


Talents Hauts

The Fortune Teller

  • A dreamy and elegant novel which mysterious atmosphere reminds of Amélie. Ombline lives by herself in Montmartre with her two parrots called Maman and Papa. A fortune teller advises her to live and love instead of remaining turned to the past. Her neighbour Pierre has been betrayed by a woman and thinks he cannot love anymore. Will they get to know each other or will Ombline follow Mr Fitzpatrick, the mysterious crocodile-man’s advice to remain pure and lonely? By multi-awarded author Fabrice Colin, whose novels have been translated into English and Spanish.

    Shortlisted for the 2019 Vendredi award

    In the media:

    'Out of Fastier’s dense but beautiful and eminently readable prose, with its lively twists and turns, a magnificent adventure story is born.' - Le Monde
    'In this novel, Fabrice Colin takes the reader away from the very first lines, with this touching story in which the supernatural enchants a moving love story". - Télérama
    'You will discover an extremely well written and poetic novel." - Actualitté
    "With subtlelty, Fabrice Colin plays between the real and the imaginary to tell us about those charachers who put themselves back together and learn to love eachother." - Biblioteca