author: Yann Fastier

ages: 12+

544 pages


Talents Hauts

The Fox and the Crown

  • A bestselling adventure novel between political intrigues and passionate love. Croatia, late 19th century: Ana is ten when she finds herself living in the streets on her own. She joins a group of street children led by intriguing Dunja. She learns how to survive and becomes a skillful pickpocket until one day she meets a French naturalist, surprised and amused by the fact she can speak his language in a very refined and old-fashioned way. He takes her to France with him where he and his wife adopt her and let her live a peaceful life in the countryside. Ten years later, Dunja finds Ana and tells her about a secret which will set her life on an adventure she would never have expected. Filled with twists, this fast paced plot is also the story of a little girl who grows up and discovers her identity, love, politics and stands for who she is and what she thinks is right.

    English synopsis and English extract available

    In the media:

    'Out of Fastier’s dense but beautiful and eminently readable prose, with its lively twists and turns, a magnificent adventure story is born.' Le Monde
    'A fabulous reading adventure: imaginative and free-thinking, subversive and full of gusto, a gripping page-turner with plenty of food for thought. Télérama
    'A beautifully written tale of adventure; a rite of passage with a hint of subversion, brimming with imagination.' Voici
    'A novel of myriad atmospheres, narrative threads and twists; a breath of adventure, friendship and love.’ Ouest France