author/illustrator: Agnès Laroche/Mathilde George

ages: 3+

32 pages

19,5 x 26 cm


Talents Hauts

The Fury

  • A village hears loud and scary cries coming from the

    Rumours start and grow in all directions about what this monster could be. Until a little girl goes to see where this cry actually comes from and discover a baby, with his mum and grandma. She brings them to the village, some people are immediately willing to help them, some remain suspicious, but in the end they are welcomed.

    A simple and moving picture book with expressive characters.



    "Thanks to her courage, the little girl will teach a good lesson of solidarity to the adults in her village." - J'aime Lire


    "A beautiful story about the fear of the strange (and the strangers) and about solidarity." - Territoires de la mémoire