author: Solène Ayangma

ages: 13+

380 pages


Talents Hauts

The Immemorants

  • A suspenseful and chilling dystopia starting with a supposed accident in a laboratory.


    «You are an immemorant. Following the accident at the Sanophen laboratory on July 8, 2012, you lost your ability to preserve your memories. Each time you go into REM sleep, your brain destroys the information stored during your wakefulness. Your last memory goes back to the day of the accident.» It is with this destabilizing message that the 30,000 immemorants living in the Institute managed by Sanophen have been waking up for 10 years. In reality, Sanophen, in connection with the army, is looking for a truth serum and uses them as guinea pigs.


    Emma, a researcher at the Institute, decides to kidnap four immemorants in order to develop a real treatment and to denounce the laboratory.


    "A novel with no time-out, in which a little group of rebels go up against a powerful army!" - Le Monde des ados