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author / illustrator: Séverine Vidal, Clémence Monnet

ages: 6+

32 pages 

23 x 24 cm


Les Éditions des Éléphants



The Little Secret

  • The Little Secret is a gentle and poetic story that deal with secrets, guilt and also touches on the topic of migrants.

    Will discovers a big family picnic on the beach where he arrived. Everyone is laughing and speaking loudly. Suddenly Albertine whispers : « I know a secret! About somebody here. » Suddenly, everyone stops talking. They all think that their secret has been discovered.

    Someone coughs, another blushes, some look down at their feet, another says « Well, well »… When Albertine walks over to Will, he expects the worst. To be forced to run away again.


    But Albertine says: « I know your secret. Don’t worry, it’s safe with me. Sometimes I also feel like I’m not from here. »

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