author: Camille Noyer

ages: 12+

304 pages

15 x 22 cm



The Watchers: Niels and the cursed ventilator

  • At a garage sale, Niels’ girlfriend Mathilde falls in love with an old fan, for her next invention. The two young people argue and Niels takes off with the fan. During the night he panics because he realizes he hasn’t done his math homework. When he turns on the fan a monstrous creature, Rastakallom, appears and invites him to make a wish. Niels loves this crazy dream and wishes that his sadistic math teacher, Clenche, will be absent the following day. A whole series of strange events then follows: Clenche dies, the fan disappears, the school air conditioners go wild, students go into a trance. To free himself from the fan of which he is a prisoner, Rastakallom must take possession of humans and feed on their vital energy ... And he has chosen the students of this school to do just that. If Niels and his friends tell the police, they will think they’re crazy! They have to fend for themselves.