author: Jean-François Chabas

ages: 14+

324 pages



They Stole Our Shadows

  • A gripping adventure novel about the true brutal and unexplained disappearing of an Aboriginal tribe in Northern Australia in 1929.

    Bagaa, the daughter of an aborigenous mum and an Irish father lives alone in the bush from her 11 years old, when her mother dies, far from the cities where the "Mundugu" - white people - live.

    She starts a long and dangerous journey to the North. She will meet Wan, a tall sailor who came on a dugout and tells her she will be the witness of the annihilation of her tribe...

    "This read takes us into a magic universe in which we swim with manta rays, sit astride turtles, but where everything can be a danger, and racism is exacerbated. Jean-François Chabas sheds light on the diversity of the Aboriginal culture, its magic, its complexity. He conveys the memory of a pacific peopl, victim of the white invaders' barbaric. A coup de coeur for Opalivres." - Opalivres