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author/illustrator: Christian Borstlap

ages: 4+

56 pages

23.2 x 30.5 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: Simplified Chinese, Korean, English, Greek, Spanish, German, Russian, French


This Thing Called Life

  • This guide to life offers children a meaningful and essential opportunity to consider many questions about the nature of our existence.


    Since the dawn of time, from stardust and gases to from meteors and sunlight, life has emerged. But what is life? How can we define it?


    Life can be both vast and microscopic. It’s about breathing, moving, and feeling. But, sometimes, life is also about struggling to survive.


    Of all things about life, one is for sure: from insects to cetaceans and more, all life forms are interconnected, and all are worth celebrating. Without exception.


    • 100 Outstanding Picturebooks (Frankfort Book Fair) - Sélection 2020





    Is There Life on Your Nose 

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