author: Catherine Cuenca

ages: 13+

288 pages



War Sisters

  • Through this grandiose historical fresco, the touching portraits of two different yet close women.

    1942, USSR. Driven by  the rage to avenge her family killed by the Nazis, Ziba enlists in the Red Army where her talents earn her a place in a sniper's training group. The young Gypsy girl meets Anya, daughter of Party members, with whom she will have to form a duo. In camp and in training, the two women had to win against the men. But it will be on the front line that they will demonstrate their skills and courage, forging their friendship in the very heart of the battle.

    • A story of friendship full of finesse between two Red Army snipers, forgotten war heroines.
    • A true reflection on the place reserved to women in the army and their lack of recognition after the war.
    • A powerful and striking style that accurately depicts human relationships and the hell of combat.