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About Palomita

Palomita is a joyful independent publishing house.

Their books are aimed at toddlers, at nearly big kids and their parents. First and foremost, their house is built on their love of lovely stories, passion for novelty formats, on their love of beautiful paper, and of a a fresh, colourful world.

Their style thrives on emotion and fancy. Their small publishing house’s mission is to offer attractive, playful books, adapted to every age group.


Julie Mugica is a passionate children’s books editor. She has headed a small publishing house based in the Basque country for 5 years and embarks on the Palomita adventure in 2022.

Born from a serious desire to create books to have fun with, Palomita wants to give children the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity by playing with words, colours, and beautiful book-objects.


Picture books, board books, novelty books for your youngest. Playful objects that deal with childhood-related themes, and solid books to have a lot of fun with!

Original publication language: French

Rights represented worldwide.

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