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About 4048

"2024 publishing was born in 2010 on a carefree day. If we try to summarize in a few intelligible statements what still drives us, it comes down to creating a catalog of illustrated books and comics, supporting consistent author projects, and taking great care in the bookmaking process. Our hearts beat first for young talented authors like Sophie Guerrive, Simon Roussin, Matthias Picard... but we also love, from time to time, to bring to light some masterpieces from the illustration heritage. We also regularly create stunning exhibitions that extend the universe of our books.

For us, 2019 marked the beginning of a new adventure with the creation of our children's book imprint: 4048!

And in 2024? By then, the Earth will probably explode, and our books—bright meteors—will be scattered across the Milky Way... a glorious fate!"

Their books awarded in Bologna and Angoulême:

Bienvenue à Bibiville / Welcome to Bibiville, Éponine Cottey: 2022 Bologna Ragazzi Award, Comics, Early Readers

Le Roi de la lune / The King of the Moon, Donatien Mary & Bérengère Cournut: 2020 Bologna Ragazzi Award Mention, Fiction

Le Club des Amis / The Friends Club, Sophie Guerrive: 2021 Angoulême "fauve" award

Guide de survie dans la jungle / The Jungle Survival Guide, Hao Shuo: 2020 Bologna Ragazzi Award, Opera Prima

Original publication language: French

Rights represented worldwide

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