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author/illustrator: Éponine Cottey

ages: 7+

44 pages

20 x 25 cm

modified CMYK



Sold: Korean, Slovenian

Welcome to Bibiville

  • Bulldogs, Bassets, Bichons… Everyone is welcome to Bibiville. The architect and founder of the town, Walter Bibi, is determined to help any dogs who, like him, are abandoned on the side of the road.


    So, every day, Kiki, Kit and Kitty set out to find new dogs and make them Bibis. Which is how Scoubidou, adopted under the name Bibidou, joins this beautiful utopian city! But a terrible storm hits Bibiville… What a mess! Can Bibidou and the other Bibis rebuild the town?

    An utterly whacky debut picture book.


    • Bologna Ragazzi Award 2022 Winner: Comics Early Readers





    Éponine Cottey was born at the dawn of the Summer of 1989 somewhere in the Chaourçais area, in the heart of the wet Champagne region (France)... In the middle of corn and books, they draw all the time in her house and often houses. When it was time to leave this Eden, Éponine went to Paris to study illustration at the Estienne school and then studied at the Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg. In 2021, she published her first book Welcome to Bibiville, the fruit of her love for puppies and architect's cabins. She also illustrated Love Weather, written by Camille Floue and published by 4048.

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