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author/illustrator: Baptiste Filippi, Loïc Urbaniak

ages: 3+

26 x 18 cm

5 pantone colours



Sold: Spanish, Catalan, Greek


A Parade of Ants (Carrying their Own Weight a Thousand Times)

  • Hey! These look like ants… Where are they going? Let’s find out! Follow the parade and have a look at the treasures these strange ants are carrying around. Stuff that is only getting bigger, weirder, and surprising!


    And there are more and more ants, by the way: what an amazing procession! Is that a pretzel? A tube of toothpaste? A spanner stuck on a chewing gum? The Eiffel Tower? These ants carry everything, eat everything, and seem to be moving the whole world around, but where to? Ant after ant, the ideas become more and more farfetched and the drawing is freer.


    For this book they designed together, Loïc Urbaniak and Baptiste Filippi have fun exploring graphic styles, objects and drawings. Printed in five intense Pantone colours, this book is as surprising as it is a treat: musical, fashion show, art exhibit and fireworks all at once…



    • 2024 BRAW Amazing Bookshelf (Bologna Book Fair)


    • Shortlisted for the 2023 Montreuil Book Fair "Pépites" award





    A graduate in archaeology at the University of Burgundy, Loïc Urbaniak then studied at the Haute École des Arts du Rhin, devoting himself to graphic narration and images. Since then, he has worked in various fields, including drawing and genetics, directing, self-publishing, fandom. He is also the inventor of a measuring tool for the mass production of a perfect sandwich.

    Since his studies at the Haute École des Arts du Rhin, where he co-founded and ran the Vignette magazine with Eugène Riousse, Baptiste Filippi has lived and worked in Strasbourg, tirelessly experimenting with artisanal printing techniques, particularly in contact with associative spaces like Papier Gâchette.



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