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author/illustrator: Élisa Géhin

ages: 2+

40 pages

18 x 21.5 cm


4 pantone colours + black




  • P like cheese, B like mountain, C like horse, G like ice cream, I like hedgehog, K like cabbage? Peyni, Berg, Cheval, Gelato, Iriq, Kapusta… Let’s babble in various languages!


    AbabaBC is a vocabulary book in the shape of a mixed salad: a bouquet of Polish, leaves of French and German, a drop of Italian, a pinch of Turkish, a touch of Albanian. Six languages spoken in Europe, but often absent from the children’s books in each country, six languages sharing the same alphabet that merrily intersect here in a desire for discovery. A beautiful nest of words for children and their parents to awaken to the diversities that surround us and open up to the world.


    A link between languages, images and words, Élisa Géhin's art plays brilliantly with the five spot colours printing, making this original alphabet book joyful and vivid! The perfect vocabulary book to discover the alphabet and learn to babble in the languages of our neighbours!


    Note to international publishers: if your language uses the Latin alphabet, it is easy to insert words in your own language instead of others throughout the book.

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