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author/illustrator: Stéphane Nicolet,  Jean-Baptiste Drouot

ages: 7+

84 pages

21 x 26.7 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: Dutch, Simplified Chinese, French, English (world)


Animals that Might Exist

  • From animals that sing a tune to others that no longer fly, this mockumentary introduces us to magical beasts you might have never encountered!


    Professor O’Logist has travelled the world in search of astonishing animals and bugs to classify. He has logged all his drawings and writings in a naturalist’s notebook that was lost for years. Recently found, it has just been released as a limited edition! This rare encyclopedia is filled with previously unobserved creatures.


    But did the professor make them up? Regardless of the truth, this book is simply hilarious and fascinating

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