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author / illustrator: Pascale Hédelin, Gaëlle Duhazé

ages: 7+

30 pages  (each cut out in 4 parts)

26 x 40 cm


Les Éditions des Éléphants

Sold: Italian, Norwegian


Babel Estate, A Big Book of Religions

  • With the shape of a high building, this book with cut out pages makes you discover, throughout the seasons, celebrations, customs and traditions of three monotheist religions: Jewish, Muslim, Christian.

    In the Babel building, three families live : a Muslim, a Jewish and a Christian family. One the ground floor is Mister Felix’s grocery store, he is atheist.

    4 floors (like 4 mini books), 4 seasons during which we follow each family in their customs, celebrations, traditions, and diets. This book also briefly introduces other religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism.

    Using simple words to describe each religion, this book attempts to bring to light their common features instead of their differences and emphasizes the importance of living together.


    • 2016 "prix Sorcière"


    "An attractive book, in the shape of a building, where you can take a sneaky peek next door!"

    -Nathalie Riché - L'Express

    "The whole thing is a joyous mix, recounted with illustrations full of care."

    – A. Tariel – Mon Quotidien

    "At a time when religion card is so often played as an excuse to 'go to war', this book suggests we take a look at what we've got in common and value the importance of living together peacefully."

    – Valérie Expert et Gérard Collard – France Info

    "With pages to turn on each level, stories that follow the changing seasons and warm, detailed ilustrations Cité Babel is a pedagogic jewel to aide understanding monotheistic religions and their practices. And just like that, we can all live together."

    – C.Gé – Libération




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