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author/illustrator: Coralie Saudo/Aurélie Guillerey

ages: 2+

36 pages

24.5 x 26.5 cm

hardback with round corners, board, flaps to lift



Bless You, Wolf!

  • A funny Winter story with flaps to lift. Take a walk in the cold with a sneezing wolf and enter warm houses of animals of the forest.

    Despite his bad cold, the wolf is out, looking for Grandmother. He finds a red ball of yarn and follows the thread, convinced that it will lead him to her. But he knocks the wrong doors first… The reader moves from one house to another by opening door flaps: the bear’s, the squirrel’s and finally Grandmother’s.

    But what does he want from her? A humourous book to play down the fear of wolves and enjoy feeling comfy at home while poor protagonist is freezing outside.

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