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author/illustrator: Rachid Baalla

ages: 4+

48 pages

21 x 29.7 cm



Captain Fish's Great Dive into the Abyss

  • Discover strange creatures of the Abyss with Captain Fish. First in a wetsuit then, from 1000 meters deep, in a submersible. Fascinating information about 23 creatures Captain Fish meets on his way. A vampire squid, a goblin shark, a sea robin, a spook fish…

    Here are two examples:

    The oarfish: This bony fish can reach the size of a 5 floors building! Red and shiny, its dorsal fin runs all along its back. The front fins, also red, form a ridge on its head. Like lizards, oarfishes can separate themselves from part of their tails. This way they can save energy when they don't find enough food.

    The vampire squid: This so-called vampire is in fact nothing very terrifying. It is a cephalopod: its body is soft and and its head is equipped with tentacles with suction cups. It has a very special talent: if you annoy it, it spits clouds of slimy light from the end of its arms.

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