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author / illustrator: Kitty O'Meara, Anna Pirolli

ages: 4+

40 pages

23.5 x 30.5 cm


Tra publishing, US

Sold: Basque, Catalan, Spanish, French, Korean, Simplified Chinese

Oliver and the Night Giants

  • What would you do if three giants came to your bedroom window one night and invited you to help them fix the world?

    Oliver has had a rough day. His creativity has been challenged when students in the classroom tease his painting.


    That evening, three giants appear in Oliver’s bedroom windows. They convince Oliver to help them with their nighttime work of repairing the world, from brightening the moon to polishing the stars, from adjusting mountains to creating snowflakes, from planting seeds to calming the sea.


    As Oliver travels the planet and beyond with the Night Giants, he learns to lead with his imagination and to value his dreams.


    In the tradition of classic journey stories in children’s literature, this thoughtful, poignant bedtime story is an homage to the power of imagination and the significance of valuing one’s dreams.





    El Pais (Spain): 10 picture books to include in your letter to Santa Claus (Adrian Cordellat), December 2023

    "With great delicacy and tact, North American author Kitty O'Meara (translated by Pepa Arbelo) tackles a complex subject in this illustrated album: bullying, which, is nevertheless wonderfully integrated into a beautiful and dreamlike fairy tale (with giants included) that deals with this issue, but above all with self-esteem, respect for difference and the power of imagination and creativity to make the world a better place. Anna Pirolli's beautiful double-page illustrations help to reinforce another of the story's implicit messages: the importance of using imagination and creativity to care for nature." —  Adrian Cordellat, El Pais


    "Lovely, lyrical text…perfect to end the day and wind down for bed…positively enchanting with deep, rich colors and magical creatures and scenes. This will become a fast favorite." — Los Angeles Book Review





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