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author/illustrator: Robin Jacobs/Sophie Williams

ages: 6+

72 pages

24 x 30 cm




Sold: Simp. Chinese, Italian, Korean, Polish


Rights represented as of October 2023 for Dutch, French, German, Eastern Europe & Russia, Scandinavia & the Baltics.

Earth Shattering Events

  • An atlas of the most extreme meteorological and geological disasters that nature has to offer!


    We humans take our domination of the planet for granted, but sometimes nature reminds us that this is an illusion. Tectonics rip open the earth, vast waves sweep away coastal towns, magma spews from volcanoes and hurricanes lay waste to entire countries.

    This book explores nature at its most destructive. Clear, coherent explanations break down the science behind phenomena including hurricanes, tornadoes, avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes, alongside fascinating facts about the biggest and the worst. Informative, accessible illustrations by Sophie Williams make this so much more than your standard geography book.





    Robin Jacobs is a writer of fiction and non-fiction living in Bristol. She studied Earth Sciences at York University and is an afficionado of maps and geology.


    Sophie Williams is a recent illustration graduate based in Cornwall. Her engaging, informative illustrations are reminiscent of Axel Schleffer in their warmth and humour.


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