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author/illustrator: Marie Bretin

ages: 1+

16 pages

20 x 20  cm

Board book, flaps, 3 pantone colours



Hello, Pia!

  • Hello, Pia! It is time to wake up! Oh! But you’re already on your feet! Spend a day with Pia, a very lively little girl, in this board book with large flaps.


    Everyday steps and activities punctuate the story – waking up, having breakfast, brushing teeth etc. until going to bed -, at the pace of the little girl.


    She starts off rather energetic, then slows down as the day progresses, until it is time for her parent to tell her "Good night my little whirlwind".


    A book that tells the story of a child’s daily life and rhythm, not always easy for parents to follow.

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