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author/illustrator: Cécile Jacoud

ages: 5+

34 pages (5 die-cut layers for each spread)

20 x 20 cm

hardback, die-cuts


In the Secrets of Foliage

  • A stunning tunnel book for ages 5 and up. Six scenes made of five successive layers reveal the hidden life within the foliage of trees.


    The European Sparrowhawk, the Eurasian Jay, the Climbing Ivy, the Tawny Owl, the Dormouse, the Mistletoe, the Pine Processionary Caterpillar, the Oak Hawk Moth, the Tinder Fungus..., the foliage of trees shelters an entire ecosystem. 

    An incredibly delicate work of cutouts accompanied by informative texts.


    "Alongside these enchantingly die-cut pages is an informative text on the beauty and ingenuity of living things. A sublime book object, to be treasured."

    - Le Point, a selection of picture books for Christmas, Dec. 2023


    "A breathtaking immersion in the heart of trees (...) A finesse marvel, Cécile Jacoud's tunnel illustrations - made of five die-cut pages - accumulate details and weave poetic garlands, like odes to the flora and fauna of the undergrowth."

    - Télérama


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