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author: Hector Dexet

ages: 1+

24 pages

20 x 23.5 cm

board book with round corners and round die-cuts


Sold: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Dutch


  • Count the mosquito bites in this hilarious die-cut book!


    Itch-Itch is a hungry mosquito. 1, 2, 3 bites… The mosquito bites the penguins’ bellies then the elephant’s bottom. Itch-Itch even bites those who bite and those everyone is scared of. With each bite comes a round die-cut in the page. Will the reader close the book fast enough to catch Itch-Itch?


    A humourous and interactive read to count, laugh at the bitten animals until you discover who Itch-Itch’s favourite prey is, and trap this little devil!

    "Maximum excitement guaranteed!" - Le Monde's 16 favourite picture books of 2023


    19 titles available
    Sold in 14 languages
    360,000 copies worldwide

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